Industrial Testing

Industrial workplaces can pose various risks to employees, with some locations featuring dangerous levels of noise. The type and intensity of the noise exposure determine the safety of the people present. To comply with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) regulations, industrial employers must ensure a safe working environment and provide hearing protection to their workers.
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Advanced Technology, For Your Benefit

We provide a certified tablet-based audiometry solution for seamless industrial and occupational hearing testing. Automated audiometry, secure cloud-based data management and detailed reporting makes expert hearing care highly efficient in your place of business.

Our portable and robust solution offers booth-less mobile testing, while ensuring easy and time-efficient compliance.

Workplace Hearing Screenings

A light, compact and easy-to-use solution, enabling workplace
hearing screenings anywhere, anytime, without the need for
bulky equipment. Includes seamless digital surveillance and

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Make Better Choices, Experience Lifetime Benefits

Key Criteria, By Comparison
Travelling Services Often...
We Always...
Your Essential Benefits
Company Location
Out of town
Responsiveness with the promise of trusted expertise and local convenience
Program protocols and clinical process
Board Certified Audiologist
Hands-on administration
ensures high integrity standards
Staffing professionalism
CAOHC certified
Expertly trained and genuinely dedicated, with a personal touch
Testing equipment technology
Outdated (booths)
OSHA approved, with advanced diagnostic capabilities
Quality of audiological exams
Best Practices, with
Dr. Dooley’s careful review
Impressive diagnostic accuracy, which strictly adheres to necessary guidelines
Testing site
Outside vans or trailers
Inside training
or meeting room
HIPAA compliant and quiet location safely allows social distancing
Testing site conditions
Unpleasant, unclean and loud
Pleasant, clean and quiet
More favorable environment improves employee experience and participation
Testing scheduling and efficiency
When in town, standing and waiting, in cold or heat
Convenient access saves money
Streamlined processes minimize disruptions and saves time
Procedures for STS follow-ups and absent employees
Necessity to schedule with off-site local clinics
Skillfully at your service, with a smile
Readily available, where and when you need us
Advocacy from other locally-based clients
You should know, don’t be surprised...
Plenty to share, ask us to learn more
With important decision to make, you deserve to hear the facts!

Benefits & Features

Clinically Valid Tests

Evidence-based solution, validated in peer-reviewed journals and calibrated to ISO/SANS standards.

Ambient Noise Attenuation

Superior noise attenuation akin to a sound booth withinsert earphones and ear defenders.

Environmental Noise Warning

Real-time monitoring to alert the user of environmental noise concerns.

Comprehensive and Efficient Reporting

Reduced need for paperwork and administration time with on-site patient signatures and online data management.


The solution is portable and robust. It can be used in an offline state and can run on battery power, allowing for true mobility.

Time-efficient and Cost-effective

Using automated testing and smart algorithms, it’s significantly faster than traditional audiometers, at a fraction of the cost.

Data Management

Patient, test and facility data consolidated instantly on a secure online database.

Quality Control

Smart features to ensure on-site quality control and test reliability.


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