Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Aid Repair

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Maintaining Your Hearing Aid: 4 Reasons You Should See a Professional 

Hearing aids are a great tool for those with hearing impairment, allowing them to enjoy the sounds of life again. However, to ensure your hearing aid device is working effectively and that it lasts as long as possible, you need to maintain it. Seeing a professional can help make sure your device is in good shape and functioning correctly. Here are some benefits of professional assistance when it comes to maintaining your hearing aid device. 

Common Signs a Hearing Aid Needs Repair 

If you notice any of the following issues with your hearing aid device then you should consider getting it repaired or serviced: non-functionality; whistling; loose battery door; muffled/dull sound; too loud/not loud enough sound; buzzing noises; missing parts/pieces; battery not charging; not pairing to cell phone/app. 

These signs indicate something is wrong with your device and it needs to be checked out by a professional.

Our On-Site Cleaning, Repair and Maintenance Services for All Devices 

At our clinic we provide onsite cleaning, repair and maintenance services for all types of hearing aid devices regardless of their warranty status or where they were purchased from. We offer repairs at an affordable cost depending on the extent of damage and replacement parts needed and many repairs can be performed in-house.  

Our troubleshooting includes checking for wax residue buildup, securely attached components, external deterioration due to wear and tear or dirt/moisture/oil/skin flake accumulation over time, volume/battery settings being incorrect etc. We also provide advice on how best to clean your device as well.  We recommend your devices be serviced/cleaned professionally quarterly to get the maximum life and benefit from your investment.  Like a car or a home, regular maintenance can prolong the life of your hearing aids and keep performance at optimal levels.   

Benefits of Professional Assistance in Maintaining Your Hearing Aid Device 

Having licensed hearing professionals inspect and diagnose any problems with your device quickly and accurately is extremely beneficial.   We have the precise tools and expert knowledge necessary for this task which would otherwise be difficult if attempted without prior experience, appropriate tools or expertise knowledge in this field. Furthermore, we can provide advice on how best to care for your hearing aid device to prevent further damage due to improper usage or inadequate cleaning practices which could lead to additional costs down the line if not addressed promptly.  

It's important to take proper care of any electronic device but especially so when it comes to hearing aids.  These devices are integral in helping those with impaired hearing enjoy life again by providing them access back into the wonderful world of sound! Getting professional assistance when inspecting or servicing your hearing aids will not only help keep your device functioning properly but also ensure that you get maximum benefit from it over time. If you're having any issues with your hearing aid don't hesitate to contact us here at our practice for fast reliable solutions!

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Learn about our Lifetime Care Plan - available to all hearing aid users, whether you purchased from us or not!
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