Lifetime Care Plan

For your ongoing benefit, select our Lifetime Care Plan at $39 month and Save More Yearly.

Deep Meaning

Every patient has a personal story that deserves to be told.

Being genuinely grateful for the opportunity to serve.

In very real ways, we see ourselves as "Heroes for Hearing" helping patients break through challenging communication barriers. Instead of them feeling captive to hearing loss, the most rewarding part is giving people their personalities back.

Simply put, sound is life. We improve our patients' quality of life by opening up their world to connection, emotion, entertainment and freedom.

Hearing is not a luxury item; it is important to a person's ability to interact with the world around them. Every person deserves to live their best life and we teach that investing in healthy hearing is a huge part of the life experience.

In proudly reflecting on 20+ years of nurturing relationships and solving problems, we realize with gratitude, that the lives truly most touched, have been our own.

Daily Application

Help our patients feel seen, heard and cared for.

Every day, enjoy giving our patients intentional acts of kindness and service, some big, some small.

Treat our patients with the utmost respect, listening closely to their opinions and concerns. We encourage them to ask questions and explain things in easily understood ways.

Consistently advocate for our patients with the ultimate goal of helping them to build bridges with their family, friends and world.

Invest the time necessary for personalized hearing solutions to be made simple.

We aren't a hearing aid clinic; we are a hearing healthcare clinic which strives daily to put the healthcare back in hearing.

Our Best Practices +
10 Essential Benefits

Medical Profile ($30)

Discuss issues of concern while reviewing disease treatments, surgeries, family history, allergies and current medicines. By understanding preexisting medical conditions and current health, personalized treatment plans are holistically developed.

Physical Exam & Otoscopy ($40)

Carefully inspect outer ear (pinna), then visually examine external ear canal, tympanic membrane (eardrum) and middle ear with a magnifying ear light [otoscope). Accurately assess middle ear health by clearly seeing auditory anatomy structures and any ear wax present.

Ear Wax Removal ($125)

Safety, quickly and painlessly clean ears of a waxy oil called cerumen, to remove blockages. Clean and clear ears ensure best hearing without obstructions.

Speech in Quiet Testing ($70)

Through headphones, we say and ask you to repeat familiar words at various sound levels. Detects how loud speech must be for you to understand words spoken at a comfortable listening level, in quiet, without lip - reading assistance.

Pure-Tone Testing ($70)

Pass beeping sounds through outer and middle ear to be heard in headphones. When wax or fluid blockages are present, compare results to measurements from a small device placed behind ear that gently sends vibrations directly to inner ear's cochlea. Your listening responses identify the quietest sounds which can be heard at various pitches or frequencies. These air and bone conduction thresholds gauge degree, type and profile of hearing loss.

Speech in Noise Testing ($40)

Through headphones we ask you to repeat back sentences presented within various / noisier sound backgrounds. Provides a window into your ability to clearly understand speech when increasing levels and types of background noise are presented.

Real Ear Measurements ($250 per hearing aid)

A thin microphone inserted into ear canal alongside hearing aid exactly measures audible speech levels. This initial fitting verification guides our skilled professionals to precisely adjust amplification levels and ensure best hearing acuity.

Mobile Phone Connectivity ($75)

Pair your hearing aids, mobile phone and devices so they automatically connect when in use. A popular feature which, when properly set up, allows sounds from other devices to stream directly to your hearing aids.

Expert Counseling ($75)

Provide useful guidance on how personalized hearing aids can most comfortably deliver best results. During the adaptation process and for life, we share practical advice on best ways to rediscover sounds and gradually improve your hearing acuity.

Software Adjustments ($125)

Listen carefully to your daily use observations and fine tune program settings for peak performance. As your lifestyle needs evolve, we ensure personalized features help you to best experience joys of hearing to the best of your ability.

Continuity of Care,
For Your Benefit

Hearing aids are an investment. Just like other investments such as a home or car, required maintenance matters. To ensure ideal aftercare and prolong the life of your investment, we offer 2 plan options.

Pay-as-you-go option:
Recommended Service
Cost Per
Frequency Per Year
Annual Investment
Expert Counseling
Periodic professional advice to ensure optimal hearing outcomes.
Mobile Phone Connectivity
As mobile phones change or software updates, we'll keep you connected.
Ear Wax Removal (If Needed)
Ear wax is the enemy of every hearing aid.
Hearing Aid Software Adjustments
Update your hearing aid software setting as
hearing needs evolve.
Hearing Aid Cleaning & Maintenance (Quarterly)
Skilled cleaning and maintenance helps ensure peak performance benefits.
Annual Speech Mapping Probe Microphone or Real Ear Measurements
Hearing aid refit based on changes in hearing.
per ear
Loaner Hearing Aids
We Provide hearing aids on a per week temporary basis if yours are lost or sent for repairs.
Total Annual Pay-As-You-Go Visit Costs

Lifetime Care Plan

For your ongoing benefit, select our Lifetime Care Plan at $39 month and Save More Yearly.

Sign Up - $39 monthly
Care Plan Members Receive ALL required service and aftercare, including:
  • Unlimited visits with our hearing care professionals

  • Unlimited visits with our highly skilled technicians

  • All necessary repairs

  • Loss and Damage extension of $250 per ear

And most importantly ... comforting peace of mind!
With our Lifetime Care Plan, you will most affordably get the expert care you need, for life.


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