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Industrial Hearing Screenings in Lebanon, TN

Our cost-effective hearing conservation program provides the best in hearing screening and minimizes downtime for your employees.

Industrial hearing screenings require specialized knowledge. All Industrial Hearing Conservation Programs require regular testing from a professional certified by the Council of Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC).

Lifetime Hearing Clinic will provide:

  • Comprehensive and regular hearing screenings
  • Audiograms
  • Counseling
  • Training on how to protect and preserve their hearing
  • Reports per OSHA requirements
Lifetime Hearing Clinic Industrial Hearing Screening

Our industrial hearing screenings will help standardize your hearing safety practices and reduce noise-induced hearing loss among your employees. Keeping your company compliant with OSHA requirements.

Mobile Testing Services

We asked local companies what were the drawbacks of the mobile testing services they were currently using. The feedback was:

  • Employees could hear outside noise. (i.e. forklifts, presses, trucks, etc.)
  • Vans were often too cold or hot and stuffy.
  • Employees could hear the person next to them and the technicians administering the tests.
  • Quality and accuracy of the tests.
  • Disruption to the production schedules.
  • Inflexibility of scheduling vans around shift times.

With these reasons in mind, we developed our own unique mobile testing program.

  • We use boothless, portable audiometers for testing employee hearing. Learn about KUDUwave.
  • Testing is conducted at the customer site using a training room or meeting room. If there is not an adequate quiet space on site, we can provide two portable sound booths to aid in the testing.
  • Staffed with certified CAOHC technicians.
  • Hearing conservation program is overseen by Dr. Heather Dooley, a board-certified Audiologist and Professional Supervisor certified by CAOHC as required by OSHA.
  • Annual and baseline audiograms reviewed by Dr. Dooley.
  • Streamlined scheduling and testing based on your needs. Less downtime for your employees, less disruption to your production schedule.
  • Provide all OSHA required documentation.
  • Maintain all your hearing conservation records/results.
  • Multifrequency quantitative fit-testing for any brand of earplugs.

Our office is in Lebanon, TN, but serve the entire Tennessee region.

When we visit you onsite, we use a boothless audiometer, KUDUwave, for testing employee hearing.

Hearing specialist using a Boothless Audiometer, KUDUwave, For Testing Hearing
Patient wearing a Boothless Audiometer, KUDUwave, during a hearing test
Patient receiving hearing testing result while wearing a Boothless Audiometer, KUDUwave.

Portable Sounds Booths for On-site Industrial Hearing Screenings

Portable hearing booth for industrial hearing screening
Outside of a portable sound booth for on-site industrial hearing screening.
Inside of a portable sound booth for industrial hearing screening.

Save Thousands on Hearing Aids!

With our Corporate Partner Program your employees and their family members can obtain state-of-the-art digital hearing aid technology with a significant reduction in out-of-pocket costs.

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