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Oticon Own is a custom hearing aid solution that boasts a discreet design and powerful BrainHearing technology.
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Oticon Own: Revolutionizing Custom Hearing Aids with Powerful, Discreet Technology

Introducing Oticon Own, a new custom hearing aid solution that brings a discreet design and powerful BrainHearing technology to individuals with a wide range of hearing loss. Built on the new Polaris chip platform, the Oticon Own product line offers five in-ear styles, in five technology levels (and in five colors) for a tailor-made hearing experience that matches your unique needs and preferences.

Customized Hearing Aid Styles

Oticon Own offers 5 different styles - invisible-in-the-canal (IIC), completely-in-the-canal (CIC), in-the-canal (ITC), half-shell, and full-shell in-the-ear (HS/FS ITE). Our Audiologist will take an impression or scan of your ear so Oticon manufacturing can create a hearing aid shell that fits your unique shape, giving you maximum comfort.

Discreet, Personalized Design

With 5 colors that match your skin and appearance, Own hearing aids are designed to offer a discreet and stylish solution that suits your personal look. The IIC (invisible-in-canal) model is the smallest in Oticon's lineup, offering complete invisibility in 9 out of 10 ears, giving you the confidence to embrace better hearing.

BrainHearing Technology

Oticon's BrainHearing technology is tailored to support the brain's natural process of decoding sound. Utilized in the Polaris chip platform, BrainHearing promotes better listening with reduced effort, various processing strategies, and features such as MoreSound Amplifier, MoreSound Optimizer, and MoreSound Intelligence for precise amplification, elimination feedback, and advanced sound processing.

360° Sound Experience

One of Oticon's goals is to create a 360° soundscape that allows you to focus on important sounds, like speech, without over-filtering background noise. This technology offers a more natural hearing experience that enables the brain to orient, separate, focus, and recognize sounds, making communication more enjoyable and effortless.

Deep Neural Network (DNN) Technology

Oticon Own's top three technology levels utilize DNN technology - a machine learning-based system that recognizes and adjusts to 12 million real-life sounds and environments. This powerful feature ensures the hearing aids adapt to complex listening situations such as noisy restaurants or office meetings, reducing listening effort for a more comfortable experience.

Connectivity and Smartphone Compatibility

Several Own styles offer direct, high-quality streaming connectivity with Made for iPhone and compatible Android devices. This allows you to enjoy music, take calls, and control your hearing aids through your smartphone. Additionally, the 2.4 GHz Bluetooth Low Energy Technology enables ITC, half-shell, and full-shell ITE hearing aids to be the smallest, fully-featured ITE devices in the Oticon portfolio.

Battery Operated

The Oticon Own hearing aids are powered by disposable batteries - size 10 for IIC and CIC models and size 312 for larger models. While a rechargeable option is not available, these batteries ensure consistent performance for your custom hearing aids.

Additional Accessories and Support

Oticon offers a range of optional accessories that are compatible with many of these models, including the Oticon Own App, Remote Care App, ConnectClip, EduMic, Remote Control 3.0, and TV Adapter 3.0. These devices also offer push-button and volume control options, along with Oticon's Tinnitus Sound Support.

Discover how the Oticon Own custom hearing aid line can revolutionize your hearing experience with its discreet design, powerful BrainHearing technology, and smart connectivity options. Contact your Lifetime Hearing Clinic in Lebanon to discuss the Oticon Own and whether it's right for you.


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