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Experience the future of hearing with augmented focus technology for unparalleled speech clarity.
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Discover the Revolutionary Signia AX Hearing Aids - Enhanced Clarity & Comfort

The Signia AX hearing aids are the latest breakthrough in hearing technology, featuring the brand-new Augmented Xperience (AX) platform. This state-of-the-art platform sets a new standard for outstanding speech clarity and natural sound in immersive environments, allowing users to fully embrace the world around them.

Innovative Augmented Focus Technology

At the core of the Signia AX hearing aids is the patented Augmented Focus technology. This revolutionary technology intelligently splits speech from surrounding sounds, processes them separately, and then seamlessly recombines them to deliver enhanced hearing experiences in challenging listening situations. In a recent study conducted by Signia, 100% of participants reported excellent speech understanding in their home environment using the AX technology1.

A Variety of Styles and Models

The Signia AX hearing aids are available in an array of styles and models, catering to the diverse needs of users. From the sleek Styletto AX to the discreet Pure 312 AX, the convenient Pure Charge&Go AX, and the custom Insio Charge&Go AX, there is a perfect fit for every individual seeking a comfortable and personalized hearing solution.

Own Voice Processing (OVP) for Natural Sound

One of the unique features of the Signia AX hearing aids is the Own Voice Processing (OVP) technology. This advanced feature ensures that the user's voice sounds natural and clear, enhancing overall comfort and satisfaction. With OVP, users can now experience lifelike sound in every conversation.

Unmatched Connectivity with Android and iPhone

The Signia AX hearing aids offer seamless connectivity with both Android and iPhone devices, enabling direct streaming of calls, music, and other media content. This compatibility ensures that users can effortlessly stay connected to their loved ones and enjoy their favorite entertainment sources without any compromise.

Long-lasting Lithium-ion Rechargeability

The convenience of lithium-ion rechargeability ensures that users can enjoy prolonged, uninterrupted hearing experiences without the hassle of frequently changing batteries. Charge your Signia AX hearing aids overnight, and enjoy a full day of reliable and worry-free use.

Additional Features and Accessories

Signia AX hearing aids also boast a range of additional features and accessories designed to cater to diverse user needs. These include telehealth capabilities through the Signia app, advanced MI microphones, CROS and telecoil options, direct streaming from iOS and Android devices, tinnitus relief features, integrated telecoils (T-coil), and Signia Telecare support. To further enhance your hearing experience, the Signia AX hearing aids can be paired with popular accessories like the Pure Dry & Clean, Signia App, StreamLine Mic, StreamLine TV, and miniPocket.

Experience the Augmented Xperience Today

If you are seeking an innovative, comfortable, and reliable hearing solution, the Signia AX hearing aids are a good choice. Discover the revolutionary platform that delivers unparalleled speech clarity and an immersive hearing experience in even the most challenging listening situations. Contact one of our Audiologists today to try the Signia AX hearing aids and embrace the future of hearing technology.


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