Phonak Lumity

Phonak Lumity is a cutting-edge hearing aid platform designed to boost speech understanding and user experience.
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Phonak Lumity: Innovative Hearing Aid Technology for Enhanced Speech Understanding

Discover a new world of better hearing with Phonak Audeo Lumity, a cutting-edge hearing aid platform designed to boost speech understanding and user experience. Lumity is offered in three rechargeable models: Audeo Lumity R, Audeo Lumity RT (telecoil), and Audeo Lumity RL (waterproof). These hearing aids boast impressive features like AutoSense 5.0, ActiveVent receivers, and StereoZoom 2.0, providing an exceptional listening experience and superior speech understanding.

Lumity: A Rechargeable Solution for Clearer Communication

Phonak's Lumity is a breakthrough hearing aid platform that delivers significant improvements in speech comprehension compared to its predecessor, the Phonak Paradise. Lumity is the first complete rechargeable Phonak platform, showcasing the latest technology in speech processing while remaining remarkably energy-efficient. These hearing aids are designed to excel in challenging listening environments like noisy restaurants or bustling parties. The platform's improved speech-in-noise performance allows users to communicate effortlessly and enjoy a richer auditory experience.

Key Features & Benefits

  • AutoSense 5.0: Phonak's advanced speech processing algorithm adjusts automatically to different listening environments, ensuring seamless transitions and a comfortable hearing experience.
  • ActiveVent receivers: The world's first smart receiver, ActiveVent, adapts its settings to provide the best sound quality and music streaming experience for the wearer. It opens for better speech intelligibility, then closes to improve music quality when streaming.
  • StereoZoom 2.0: An upgrade to Phonak's directional microphone program, StereoZoom 2.0 enhances speech understanding by focusing on conversations in noisy environments while providing a more natural sound experience.
  • SpeechSensor: Lumity's innovative speech detection algorithm helps users hear more conversations from their sides or behind without needing to turn their heads frequently.
  • Roger compatibility: Phonak Lumity hearing aids are compatible with Roger devices, which provide exceptional hearing performance in noisy settings and over distance.
  • Bluetooth connectivity: Users can connect their hearing aids to up to 8 devices with 2 active at the same time, making them ideal for Android devices and enhancing their hearing experience.
  • Waterproof model: The Audeo Lumity RL (Audeo Life) model is 100% waterproof, providing peace of mind for wearers with active lifestyles.
  • Health tracking capabilities: The Audeo Lumity RL (Audeo Life) also boasts health tracking features, keeping users up-to-date on their own wellness journey.
  • MyPhonak smartphone app: This user-friendly app offers various customization options for a personalized hearing experience.

Three Rechargeable Models for Enhanced Convenience

  • Phonak Lumity R: This standard rechargeable model is designed for everyday use, offering consistent performance and reliability.
  • Phonak Lumity RT: Similar to the R version, this model also includes a telecoil for improved hearing in public spaces equipped with loop systems.
  • Phonak Lumity RL (Audeo Life): The waterproof Audeo Life model also offers health tracking capabilities, making it perfect for wearers who enjoy the great outdoors or sporting activities.

Charging Options for Phonak Lumity

Three charging options are available for the Phonak Lumity models: Charger Ease, Charger Case Go, and Phonak Life Charger. Each charger caters to different users' needs and preferences, ensuring that your hearing aids are always ready for use.

Experience the Benefits of Phonak Lumity Today

Phonak Lumity hearing aids offer an unparalleled listening experience, boosting speech understanding and providing a customizable, user-friendly solution for individuals with hearing loss. Make the most of your auditory world and embrace the benefits of Phonak Lumity's innovative technology. The Lumity is available in Lebanon - call us today to schedule an appointment.


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