Oticon Real

Oticon Real is designed to provide users with truly elevated and natural listening experiences.
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Oticon Real: Elevate Your Hearing Experience with Premium Comfort and Natural Sound

Introducing the Oticon Real, the latest breakthrough in hearing aid technology designed to provide users with truly elevated and natural listening experiences. Oticon, a Danish hearing aid leader, has once again pushed the boundaries of innovation to create a hearing aid for all situations. Built with advanced features like BrainHearing technology, RealSound Technology, and Sudden Sound Stabilizer, these Real devices deliver enhanced speech clarity, comfortable listening, and reduced wind and handling noise. Furthermore, these hearing aids have Bluetooth connectivity with iOS and Android devices, compatibility with essential Oticon accessories - and come in four distinct styles and multiple colors.

Optimized for Every Situation with BrainHearing Technology

Oticon's BrainHearing technology aims to support the way your brain processes sound naturally, giving you an open and natural listening experience. This technology adapts to your ever-changing hearing environment, ensuring you get the most out of every moment without feeling overwhelmed by surrounding sounds.

RealSound Technology for Enhanced Speech Clarity

RealSound Technology provides superior speech clarity, allowing you to hear conversations even in challenging environments. By focusing on natural sound delivery, this advanced feature ensures you can maintain meaningful connections with your loved ones and participate in conversations with confidence.

Wind & Handling Stabilizer for Outdoor Lovers and Active Wearers

The Wind & Handling Stabilizer is a game-changer for our golfers and active hearing aid wearers. This feature significantly reduces wind and handling noise, enabling you to enjoy outdoor activities without compromising your listening experience. If you like hitting the links at Five Oaks or any of our local courses, you'll love the wind stabilization feature of the Real.

Sudden Sound Stabilizer for Comfortable Listening

The Sudden Sound Stabilizer is designed to control and balance soft, loud, and sudden noises so they're audible but not intrusive. This feature protects your hearing from sudden bursts of sound while maintaining speech audibility, delivering an enjoyable and comfortable listening experience.

Elegant Design and Customizable Styles

Oticon Real is available in four unique styles, including the rechargeable and disposable battery models for both miniRITE and miniBTE designs. With nine different matte finish colors to choose from, you can select the perfect hearing aid that complements your personal style.

Seamless Connectivity with iOS and Android Devices

Stay connected with Real, built with Bluetooth compatibility to effortlessly pair with most iOS and Android devices. This seamless connectivity allows you to enjoy hands-free phone and video calls, giving you the freedom to stay in touch with friends and family on the go.

Versatile Oticon Accessories for an All-In-One Experience

Oticon Real is compatible with Oticon accessories, such as ConnectClip, EduMic, and the Oticon TV Adapter. These accessories enable you to transform your hearing aids into multi-functional devices, providing you with unrivaled flexibility for entertainment, communication, and learning needs.

Experience the Power of Oticon Real

Don't let hearing impairment hold you back; take charge of your hearing experience with the Oticon Real. Book an appointment with one of our hearing professionals to explore the power of this new technology and let your hearing aid work in harmony with your unique lifestyle. Rediscover the beauty of the sounds around you and live life to the fullest with Real.


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